Football for All in Vietnam (FFAV) have been chosen by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to receive the Dream Asia Gold Award 2014 in the NGO category. It is the governing body of football for all of Asia who have rewarded the FFAV project this great honor.

FFAV was initiated and is still owned by the Football Association of Norway (NFF). NFF and FFAV are working closely with Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) and relevant government institutions and partners to create a model for grassroots football in Thua Thien Hue province in central Vietnam. FFAV works with several of the government institutions and agencies on both provincial and on national level to continue the growth and develop the quality in the school based football clubs in Hue, and to utilize the best practices from FFAV to implement the methods, values and principles in schools all over Vietnam.

“We are delighted and honored” says FFAV Director Anders Krystad. “There is a lot of hard work behind this, and all staff at FFAV should be very proud of their efforts and determination, which has made this possible. However, I would like to share the credit with all who had worked with us over the years in Vietnam. Without commitment and contribution from government and other partners like donors, commercial companies and other INGOs this would not have been possible. It is like in football; you cannot win a match alone, you need you fellow players to work with you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them for their contribution. I also would like to thank FIFA, AFC and UEFA, who all are part of the FFAV success. They have proven their understanding of the value of developing the grassroots football and recognizing those who work on the ground to build the very foundation of football.”

“The Football Association of Norway is proud and honored that our project FFAV have received the AFC Dream Asia Award, as we see this as an acknowledgement of our investment in the cooperation with Vietnam Football Federation. Experiences and knowledge from Norway about developing grassroots football are adapted and developed into a Vietnamese context together with our partners, and now serve as a best practice. The NFF involvement is based on the solidarity within the global football family, and by receiving this Award we are motivated to continue our involvement. I can assure that NFF has a long term commitment towards this work, and wish that the Award motivates and inspirers all stakeholder, both in Norway and in Vietnam” says Mr. Yngve Hallén, President in the Football Association of Norway.

“VFF is proud to be a part of this success. After over 12 years of operation in TT Hue province, we acknowledge FFAV’s contribution to TT Hue’s football in particular and Vietnam’s in general. Not only the numbers of football clubs, players and trainees make FFAV’s model successful, but the life skills activities integrated into football activities contribute to creating effective and positive impacts in children’s personalities as well. We recognize that the replication of grassroots football in schools will be the solid foundation for Vietnam’s football development and contribute human resources for professional football. To VFF and MoET, this is the important developing milestone and premise in replicating FFAV model to bring more happiness and useful playgrounds for children and youth all over the country” says Mr. Le Hoai Anh – VFF General Secretary.


Mr. Dang Phuoc My – DoET Vice-Director/ Head of Project Management Board in Thua Thien Hue Province happily shares “The Dream Asia Gold Award is the pride and the great encouragement for the cooperation between TT Hue DoET and NFF/FFAV. It is also the acknowledgment for the efforts of DoET and FFAV in creating playing conditions as well as healthy playgrounds for children and youth in schools in the province by grassroots football activities with life skills integration.  In education, we often motivate and introduce various activities to help build “friendly schools and positive students”. And the fact has shown that with the establishment of football clubs in primary and secondary schools, it not only attracts pupils but also enriches extracurricular activities. The rate of absence and dropout has been reduced, and grades have improved. We are proud of this award and would like to congratulate FFAV on its achievements in Vietnam for over 10 years, especially in Thua Thien Hue province.”

3 The AFC Dream Asia Awards Ceremony will take place in the AFC Village in Palo, Tacloban in the Philippines on the 3rd of October. Here AFC have contributed in the rebuilding of an area which was heavily damaged during the typhoon Haiyan in 2013.

Vice Director Nguyen Hoang Phuong, who will represent FFAV at the Dream Asia Award ceremony says: “This is an appropriate venue for the Award ceremony. It is an evidence of the social responsibility and commitment of AFC, providing the people that was so heavily hit with hope for the future and the possibility to play in order to commence with their lives. It will be an honor for FFAV and me personally to be part of this.”

Read more about the typhoon Haiyan (or Yolanda as it was called in the Philippines) here: http://ftp.the-afc.com/60th-anniversary-social-responsibility/afc-village-scheme-a-success.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa, also Vice Director in FFAV acknowledges the value such an Award can have for FFAV. “Receiving this Award will make more people learn about FFAV and it work. Hopefully it will inspire and motivate for others to learn from our experiences, and to want to replicate the model from Hue in Vietnam. If we are successful, it will also create an interest from possible donors and commercial partners, which we need to fund the development and growth of FFAV. It is in our hands now, but hopefully we can utilize this to reach out to thousands of more children and youth. I will also take this opportunity to praise the organization culture among the staffs, interns and volunteers. It is very strong, people here believe in what we do. Loyalty and hard work gives results, and this Awards gives us inspiration and courage to continue our efforts” says Ms. Hoa.


Here is a list of our partners and friends, who all have played their part in the FFAV success, in no priority order:

  1. Sports – Football

– Vietnam Football Federation (VFF)

– Thua Thien Hue Football Federation (HFF)

– Football Association of Norway (NFF)

– The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF)

– FIFA Football for Hope project/exchange/festival


–  Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

– Asian Football Development Project (AFDP)

– Coaches Across Continents (CAC)

– streetfootballworld (sfw)

– Sport Plus Alliance (Formerly “Kicking AIDS Out!”)

– One World Play Project (OWPP)



  1. Government:

– The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Vietnam

– The Socialist Republic of Vietnam Embassy in Norway

– Norwegian Agency for development (NORAD)

– The People’s Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM)

– Ministry of Education and training (MoET)

– Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism (MoCST) (National Sports Administration)

– Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA)

– Vietnam Association for Protection of Children’s Rights (VACR)

– Thua Thien Hue Provincial People’s Committee (PC)

– TT Hue Department of Education and Training (DoET)

– Department of Foreign Affairs (DoFA)

– Department of Planning and Investment (DoPI)

– Department of Finance (DoF)

– TT Hue Police (PA 61)

– TT Hue Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism (DoCST)

– TT Hue Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (DoLISA)

– TT Hue Association for Protection of Children’s Rights (TTHAPCR)


  1. NGO partners

– Norwegian Mission Alliance – Vietnam (NMA-V)

– Medical Committee Netherland and Vietnam (MCNV)

– Norwegian Peoples Aid Mine Action (NPA)

– SOS children villages

– British Council and Premier League, Premier Skills

– World Vision (One Goal campaign)

– Women Win (WW, Goal Program)




  1. Commercial partners

– Nordic Chamber of Commerce (Nordcham)

– Nestlé Milo

– General Motors Vietnam Chevrolet

– Standard Chartered Bank

– Petro Vietnam

– Baconco

– Dong Luc

– Many local businesses in TT Hue


We thank them all, from the bottom of our hearts.

For more details about FFAV and the Dream Asia Gold Award, please contact Ms. Chau Hong Tinh, Head of Communications Department in FFAV, tel. +84 988 88 9911, e-mail: tinh@ffav.com.vn.


About Football for All in Vietnam (FFAV)

FFAV work to develop children’s non-competitive grassroots football in primary and secondary schools with a special focus on marginalized group such as people with a disability, people with ethnic minority background, and people with HIV/AIDS infected/affected.

FFAV uses football activities as a tool to integrate fundamental life skill activities (such as HIV/AIDS information, high risk education on Explosive  Remnants of War (ERW), personal hygiene and sanitation, communication skills, traffic safety  etc.) which are defined based on the real situation and need of the club.

Currently we have 172 football clubs with 16.166 players of the age from 6-15 (50% girls) and more than 5200 participants have been trained as coaches, leaders and referees.

For more information about FFAV please visit our website at www.ffav.com.vn.

About AFC Dream Asia Award

The objectives of the Dream Asia Awards are to expand the values of Dream Asia, to promote and create the awareness for social issues and the power of the game as a fantastic tool for change and especially to recognize and honor those who have contributed positively towards social development.

Read more about the AFC Dream Asia Awards here: http://www.the-afc.com/uploads/afc/files/da2014_awardscriteria.pdf