Visa/Work Permit

Vietnamese entry visa is required for all foreigners wishing to visit Vietnam except citizens of countries having visa exemption inclusion in bilateral consular agreements with Vietnam. You can either apply by yourself through Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates in your country.

Some countries have bilateral agreements with Vietnam allowing their citizens to enter Vietnam freely for short-term visits. If that is the case, you will, of course, not have to obtain a tourist visa. Longer stays and business visits, however, always require you to apply for a visa. Documents you will have to submit (unless stated otherwise) are:

  • Valid passport
  • Completed application form
  • Passport-size photograph
  • Application fee
  • Criminal record

The exact paperwork you will need to submit as well as the application fees, of course, depend on the type of visa you apply for, on the duration of your stay, the number of entries and the purpose of your trip. Make sure to contact the nearest Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate for details. Click this link here now.

Please note that you cannot work in Vietnam without a work permit. It is necessary to apply for a work permit at Department of Labor Invalids and Social Affairs before applying for a residence permit at the Vietnamese Immigration Office.

NB: the necessary forms can be obtained from the Department of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs, 75 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hanoi, tel: +84 4 37732432. The price is 20.000 VND for a complete set of forms as well as guidelines in Vietnamese language. Applicants are requested to prepare 2 sets of forms.