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Over a Decade of Experience

Nordcham is a leading consulting agency in Vietnam, specializing in market entry, business incorporation, and sourcing services for small and mid-sized enterprises.

Founded over 10 years ago, Nordcham began with a vision to assist companies in successfully expanding into the Vietnamese market.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam : a vibrant destination for business expansion

Throughout its history, Nordcham has served a diverse clientele, including businesses from various industries seeking growth opportunities in Vietnam.

Nordcham has been recognized with prestigious awards for its outstanding services and dedication to helping clients achieve success in Vietnam.

Julien Romier

Julien Romier, a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for business development, founded Nordcham with the goal of bridging the gap between international companies and the Vietnamese market.

Starting from humble beginnings, John’s expertise and commitment have been instrumental in guiding Nordcham to become a respected consulting agency in Vietnam.

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